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Satya Nadella’s Microsoft Just Became the Most Valued Company in the World. And It’s Thanks to Psychology, Not Tech

Growth mindset and empathy are the reason why Microsoft is back on top. On a not so ordinary Friday, Microsoft reclaimed its throne as the most valuable publicly traded company. This seismic
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The Executive Culture Paradox: When Company Culture Fixes Don’t Work

A senior leadership team at a medical device company received results from an annual company culture survey and the feedback was disappointing. Employee comments highlighted a lack of trust in
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Coach John Wooden A Winning Character

John Wooden’s classmates looked up the definition too. They wrote at length about wealth and power, fame and glory, filling their papers with examples of championships won, records broken, and
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It’s (past) time to get strategic about DEI

It’s (past) time to get strategic about DEI Companies have committed to being more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, but many struggle to make significant progress in these areas. Here’s how
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Warren Buffett Says He Became Filthy Rich Because He Played by 1 Simple Rule of Life

Warren Buffett Says He Became Filthy Rich Because He Played by 1 Simple Rule of LifeWarren Buffett believes this rule is essential to building success. Warren Buffett believes this rule
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Curiosity Has Two Faces

Curiosity Has Two Faces By Annelise Jolley We’re born with an insatiable appetite for new information. This hunger, which we call curiosity, is a universal trait, though people possess it
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