Spiritual hypnosis

Future Life Progression

Very similar to Past Life Regression, we take you on a quantum leap to the future where the limitations of time and space do not exist.

Whether you chose to stay in this lifetime and see your future self or to see a future full of advancement, Future Life Progression can take you there..

In our one-hour Future Life Progress, we focus on taking you deep within your subconscious mind. Through this we will take you to a matrix realm of imagination where your physical body does not exist.

We will take you through a portal transcending your spirit to different lives you are currently living or seeing past the current lifetime, to future worlds that have yet to exist to the physical eye.

We will explore when and where you are, any people, wisdom, or significance you need to know.

We will discover your connection, path, and purpose by seeing the life you will live, or the lives of others and take you on a journey you will never forget.

Each session entails listening to binaural beats to maximize the hypnotic trance to effectively reach the subconscious depth.

Each session will also include a recorded hypnosis audio of the session for continuous reinforcement.