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What We Do

Culture Shaping

We help executives untangle the organizational paradox of being successful and yet needing to re-invent themselves. This takes intent and willpower to advocate change, especially during a successful run either as an organization or individual. As Albert Einstein challenged: “You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that was used to create them.” We help you to think differently.


Character counts! Leadership is the critical element for success in any organization or for any individual. Leading oneself and knowing oneself is the hardest skill to master. We help develop better leaders through a personal and organizational process that is systemic and will influence thinking for years to come.

Team Effectiveness:

All teams go through the process of Forming/Storming/Norming/Performing –the stages of team development from the research of Bruce Tuckman in 1965. They still exist! Groups and work teams evolve and they can get stuck. Through insight and awareness, our process helps unlock the potential and performance of the team. As Coach John R. Wooden liked to remind high performers, the star of the team is always the Team.

Executive Coaching

Escaping the bubble that we so carefully construct during our lives requires independent coaching from certified coaches. Executive Coaching has evolved from being a “construction project” to a necessary tool that all of us need at one time or another. We can coach individually or create a coaching culture for your organization.


All progress begins with awareness; this is the Master Principle behind all change and change processes. Whether individual or organizational, awareness and the effect on other parts of the organization (systemic thinking), help define the WHY behind initiatives, and this awareness unlocks the potential in your organization. We start with an assessment that leads to specialized experiential learning that helps create insights into what needs to be addressed for organizational success.