Confidence in Love

Confidence in Love


Confidence in love is our 8-Week transformation program focused on self-worth,love, and relationships. 

This is for you if you have ever felt like giving up on love, unhappy, alone, and afraid you will never be loved. I want to take you from the pain of loneliness to the pleasure of happiness, respect, and being loved.

This program is specifically designed to help you build your self-esteem and enter the relationship of your dreams.

It is focused on helping you...

  • Heal the wounds from the past

  • Break unhealthy and toxic behaviors

  • Stop attracting individual that are NOT right for you

  • Breaking the patterns of needing someone

  • Eliminate the thought that “I am not good enough” 

  • Helping to bring balance to your masculine + feminine energies, and play your appropriate role

  • Strengthen your self-love + self-care

  • Remove your limiting thoughts about yourself and relationships

  • Release unrealistic expectations about love, relationships, and yourself

  • Step into love and vulnerability 

  • Increase your awareness, confidence and self-value

We give you the skills and tools you need to lay the foundation of happiness, love, and self worth for the rest of your life.

*Includes Workbook, weekly video series, custom hypnosis audio + Weekly Q&A. 

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