Consciously Confident

Consciously Confident


Consciously Confident

In our 8 - week transformation program, we will help you to heal yourself from the pain of harmful emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, and shame.

We know how painful it is to live with these destructive emotions, so we are here to help you manage and overcome them to live a more centered, balanced, and peaceful life.

We help to give you lifelong tools to release you from the suffering of harmful emotions you are currently experiencing.

We help you to manage and overcome these emotions by…

  • Understanding your goals + motivations

  • Identifying your most destructive and interfering emotions

  • Understand your worldview and behaviors

  • Identifying where you adopted your learning from

  • Stepping into your awareness and recognition

  • Learning to detach from painful situations using mindfulness

  • Learning more new and empowering behaviors

  • Expressing yourself fearlessly and authentically

  • Feeling heard and acknowledge

  • Creating your own autonomous identity

  • Building higher confidence and self-esteem

And step into

The C’s : Calm , courage, and center

The P’s: Power, purpose, and passion

The A’s: Aware, aligned, accountable, and adaptable

The S’s: Self-worth, self love, and self-acceptance,

*Includes Workbook, weekly video series, custom hypnosis audio + 1 hour phone call

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