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Transformational Programs

Transformational Programs

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Transformational Programs

In our Transformation courses, you learn how to create a cultivate your authentic self.

As a former training and development professional, I will help you to develop a business plan that will help you gain momentum and insight on your voyage as an entrepreneur to start leading a successful life.

Then we will go deeper by understanding your mindset as an entrepreneur, and remove and replace any blockages that may prevent you from becoming your full potential.  

Together we will help you to find your image and learn about the fast and easy marketing techniques, tricks and tips to get your business up and running.

All work will be reinforced in the hypnotic state of hypnosis.

*Each session entails listening to binaural beats to maximize the hypnotic trance to effectively reach the subconscious depth.

*Each session will also include a recorded hypnosis audio of the session for continuous reinforcement.

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